About CG

Classic Gold lives! It lives on in our hearts and in our memories. It lives on in our spirits and our love of true classic hits. Hits like True by Spandau Ballet. Released way back on the 14 April in 1983 (some of the younger listeners will be thinking ‘back when granddad?’ ha) ‘True’ was taken from their third studio album which shared its name with the song. The tune was a massive hit around the world, the great British Bands ever hit in the US and was selected as the nations tenth favourite 8-‘s number 1 in 2015. Not bad! The story goes that singer Gary Kemp wrote the song at his mum and dad’s house whilst living there and was inspired for it by his platonic relationship with singer of Altered Images the wonderful Clare Grodgan and the Vladimir Nabokov novel¬†Lolita¬†which he read after she gave it too him. Hence the reference to ‘seaside arms’. Wonderful song, let’s listen!

That’s how you do it. Classic Gold forever!