Classic Gold: Musicians & Step and Repeat Boards

Part and parcel of the music industry is the ‘industry’ part of it.

Photo by Alan Light

Despite the artistic attributes that musicians are afforded, many of them are also under the pressures that are similar to any other industry. Although they are predominantly concerned with creating art that speaks to their fan-base and engages more people, they are ultimately required to make money. 

For decades now musicians have been forced to attend functions, award shows and all other kinds of events that have not strictly been of interest to them. As such there are countless photos of artists standing in front of step and repeat boards, putting a brave face on but secretly wishing that they were elsewhere.

What is a step and repeat board, you ask? Well, we’d be glad to explain!

A step and repeat banner is used as a backdrop at promotional events. Whenever you see pictures from awards shows, you might notice celebrities posing in front of banners or boards that are plastered in sponsors or logos, this board is the step and repeat board and it’s purpose is to provide a convenient placement for advertisements and to give something for guests to pose in front of!

How can you get your own? 

If you’re setting up your own event, whether it’s a birthday party, wedding or anniversary, it’s a great idea to hire or order a step-and-repeat banner in order to offer your guests a dedicated place to pose for photos. Whilst your guests will naturally take plenty of photos whilst they’re at your event, by setting up a dedicated board you’ll be able to have a set of photographs that can be neatly placed in an album together.

You can order your own logo wall by contacting a large format printer or design studio. They’ll be able to take your designs and then print them out on a high-quality matte vinyl. This choice of material is particularly important as it offers good clarity for those taking the photographs. Should you opt for a cheaper, shinier material then you may find that your photographs suffer as a result. Shiny acrylics do not perform well as backdrops, especially when flash photography is at play. Flash photography reflects sharply of traditional acrylics leading to both the backdrop and the subject of the photo being obscured.

Now you understand what a step-and-repeat board is, let’s take a look at a few examples of musicians posing for pictures in front of them: