Rock and Roll Duos: Past and Present

Two-man bands who can’t be ignored.

The pounding beat of drums and blaring guitars have long been the staple sound of Rock music.

One of the reasons why Rock music developed to the place it is today is because of it’s accessibility.

The simplest Rock music tracks can usually be broken down into three basic chords, or notes. Often even the most complex Rock’n’Roll tracks are deceptively simple, the flourishes and finishing touches of the individual musician being the only things that elevate the song from being simply a few chords strung together with a big ol’ chorus. Even though the traditional Rock’n’Roll band will be comprised of a few members: Vocalist, Guitarists, Bassist, Drummer, maybe a Keys player. Sometimes you can make a lot of noise with just two guys.

The videos collected below show just how big a noise can be made with a setup that has been often overlooked in the world of Rock’n’Roll:

The White Stripes

The Black Keys

Death from Above

Royal Blood