Trying To Learn About Nicki Manaj (And Her Black Fur Gilet)

That’s a song by Nicki Manaj in which at one point she wears a black Fur Gilet and sings about how despite being played around by a lover she still loves him. She desplays vulnerability in bounds, very different to the role she often plays of sexual dominant. Or, as the Daily Mail put it: ‘NICK MANAJ BECOMES A SEXY BUNNY AND POSES HALF NAKED WEARING A FUR GILET FOR HER NEW PILLS N POTIONS MUSIC VIDEO‘. Firstly, what kind of a head line is that? Aren’t headlines meant to be, you know, short and snappy? That’s a whole story! The headlie, by the way, is 22 words long, the article is around 220 words long. So the headline is a tenth of the entire article. I quite like this song, I’d never managed to listen to a whole Nick Manaj song before, but this one I did and thought it was ok. I kind of feel that if I like it she might be failing though.